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    June 12th 'Women Veterans Day'

    June 12th 'Women Veterans Day'

    June 12th 'Women Veterans Day'

    At the heart of Women Veterans Day lies a rich history of women who have served and sacrificed for their country. The intent is not to take away from our Brother's in Arms or being recognized on Veterans Day. These women, who bravely opened doors and shattered glass ceilings, paved the way for today's and future generations of women to serve proudly and with honor.

    But make no mistake, the journey of women in the military is vastly different than that of our male counterparts. It is a journey fought with sacrifice, challenge, and hard-won battles for recognition and respect. To simply lump all veterans together is to ignore the unique struggles and triumphs of women in the Armed Forces.

    This is why we are calling for an appreciation and recognition of women veterans, not just on Veterans Day, but on June 12, the day that in 1948, President Truman signed the ‘Women’s Armed Services Integration Act,  enabling Women to serve as permanent, regular members in the military. We celebrate Pride Month and Black History Month, acknowledging the unique experiences and contributions of these communities. Why should women veterans be any different?

    It’s time to challenge the assumption that women are “just” veterans to be recognized only in November. It’s time to recognize and respect the sacrifices made by women who have served and continue to serve our country. Until we do, we risk erasing their stories and contributions from the pages of history. 

    Join us in honoring the women who have served before us and in empowering the next generation of women veterans. Because their journey is not the same, and their sacrifices deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

    To the Past, Present, and Future military service women, I Salute You!


    Major Lisa (Belcastro) Bass, Army, Retired