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We Served our Country - We Served our Branch - We EARNED our Boots!
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    Fine and Fashion Jewelry Necklaces for any occasion. Choose from Gold Plated, Sterling Silver, or Stainless Steel in most styles.  

    Looking for a unique accessory that shows you wore the boots? Look no further! Introducing the ultimate statement piece to add to your collection- our antique stainless steel combat boots suspended on a stylish ball link chain. Made with high-quality stainless...


    For the person that embraces their military service.  This Lanyard necklace compliments any casual style.  The antiqued, stainless steel combat boots pendant displays their boots' wear and tear while freely hanging on a stylish, classic, high polished twisted chain design and secured...


    For the dedicated, fashion-forward person, this look encompasses steadfastness and style.  These antiqued combat boots display as a symbol of dedication to service.  Suitable for any occasion, the Combat Boots pendant suspends on a high polished stainless steel Figaro chain...


    There is nothing better than wearing something with special meaning when picking an everyday piece. Combat Boots will always be close to our hearts. This necklace has a military look with a great style for casual and trendy fashions. The...