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          'Prevention before Reaction'

                                                           TF SASA 

    Task Force Sisterhood Against Sexual Assault


    Currently, the situation on ground for women Veterans is bleak as the impacts of MST reveals itself.  Women Veterans in this generation are working hard to change that by creating organizations that change policies or create networks for women who serve to come together.  The reality of it all is that a woman who served will never be the same, her life is forever changed. They are not civilian women and they are not like spouses of male service members or veterans. We, as women who served, are a unique, fantastic group that should be leading the way for others to follow. 

    Task Force Sisterhood Against Sexual Assault (TF SASA) believes that improving confidence and developing life skills through education and camaraderie creates a positive change in attitude, behavior and decision-making process is a different approach to preventing sexual assault and harassment. The ‘In Her Boots’ series addresses issues head on while educating, empowering and inspiring female service members on “How To Do” versus “What To Do”.

    TF SASA is compiled of senior military retired female leaders with over 200 years of experience and first to serve in a variety of military positions. The team also includes senior military retired male leaders, who share their wisdom on the male’s point of view. TF SASA’s approach to sharing lessons learned can reduce the learning curve in those areas not openly discussed with senior military female leaders. They are the founders of the ‘In Her Boots’ program that fills the gap of existing military programs. They believe in Prevention before Reaction and aimed to change the script.