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Black Cadillac Tie Tac

Combat Boots Jewelry

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Black Cadillac Tie Tac
Black Cadillac Tie Tac
A must for every tie to compliment a suit. The combat boots tie tac is designed for the Vetrepreneurs and professionals, so they may always wear their boots and display their status as a Veteran. The gunpowder appearance of the sterling silver tie tac reflects the wear and tear of his original pair of military combat boots. Pair it up with Black Cadillac Cuff Links to complete the ensemble. 




Metal Type:  Sterling Silver

Metal Finish:  Antiqued

Material:  0.925

Size: 15 mm

Weight:  3.2 grams

 Sterling Silver Tie Tac Clutch

 Behind the Name

Black Cadillac is Marine Jargon for Combat Boots. Combat Boots are military boots designed to be worn during actual combat or combat training.  Regardless if in the military or not, Life is a Battle. Everyone needs a pair of boots in order to "pull yourself up by your bootstrap" which is slang to improve your situation by your own efforts.


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